Flexible, cost-effective, bespoke M2M data tariffs

Thanks to purchasing power and network partnerships, InfiSIM provide your business with competitive pricing on M2M data connectivity. And thanks to our unique approach, you'll get able custom M2M data tariffs to suit your needs.

Don't overpay for you M2M data and SIMs

Don't pay over the odds for your M2M solutions. With InfiSIM's M2M data tariffs introducing M2M into your business is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. On top of affordable implementation, we also keep a close eye on your SIM estate to make sure your devices are behaving as they should.

And if anything unexpected happens, we'll give you a call to find out how you want to proceed. Alternatively, we can set up automatic rules and actions on your account. This prevents any  nasty billing shocks caused by overused, stolen and missing M2M SIM Cards (devices).

Your M2M requirements matter

InfiSIM will work with you to understand everything about your M2M ideas and needs. From there we'll propose the most suitable data allowances, effective network operators, right SIM type and the necessary add-ons. We'll also supply your M2M communications on contract lengths to suit your needs, all on a completely simplified pricing structure.

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