From connected cows to plugged-in plant pots; IoT monitors everything from equipment to livestock.

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CCTV & Security

Simple solutions, fixed IP SIMs with remote access and flexible data packages to suit you.

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Energy Monitoring

Simple connectivity for smart metering and energy monitoring devices.

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From ambulances to caring for the elderly in their own homes, M2M communications are having a huge impact in healthcare.

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Payment Terminals

Reliable and flexible M2M SIM Cards for remote payment terminals, credit card machines vending machines, parking meters and much more...

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Telematics & fleet

Cost-effective M2M SIM Cards for telematics and fleet tracking GPS devices. Fully roamed connectivity worldwide.

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Traffic Management

Whether it’s smart parking meters, responsive traffic signage or automatic number plate recognition, M2M is proving invaluable here.

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Vehicle connectivity

Telemetry maintenance, smart navigation, in-car entertainment and more provided through M2M connectivity.

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The industries shown here are just a snapshot of where M2M is making an impact. Get in touch to find out more about M2M in your industry.