Roaming M2M connectivity for smart farming and agriculture

M2M connectivity is transforming the agriculture industry through smart farming applications and procedures. Each day farmers face issues such as water shortages, limited land availability and costly farming procedures; this is where M2M can help.

By connecting farming devices and machinery, (making farming smart), farmers are able to save time, money and make measured predictions. This increases the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of agricultural production.


Smart farming with M2M

With InfiSIM's reliable and flexible M2M solution, improving your farming procedure couldn't be easier. With our connectivity you'll be able to remotely monitor sensors that can detect soil moisture, crop growth and feed levels.

M2M also allows you to remotely manage and control your smart vehicles and machinery. You'll also be able to combine your connected devices with 3rd party information, such as weather predictions, in order to make better predictions and decisions.


InfiSIM knows the smart farming and agriculture industry

Already working with a number of agricultural experts implementing smart farming, InfiSIM knows the industry. Due to InfiISM's experience in the industry you can rest assured knowing you have a provider that knows what's best for you.

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