3G/4G M2M Solutions for digital signage and traffic management

Before M2M communications existed digital signage and traffic management were much more labour intensive industries. Although signs could be projected digitally, there was no way to remotely manage them. Thankfully this is no longer the case thanks to M2M; we can now monitor and maintain digital signage from anywhere via a high speed connection. For this reason interactive signs in high-street retail, healthcare and above smart motorways are able to be updated in a more cost-effective, safer and efficient manor.

InfiSIM's M2M solutions offer both the digital signage and traffic management industries a modern way of operating. By utilising a fixed IP address and a VPN tunnel you can now gain access to your signs remotely and securely; giving you the chance to update them in real time. Your customers/motorway drivers will never be left in the dark again as they receive live updates of your offers/traffic updates.

Secure remote access with fixed IP and VPN

InfiSIM's fixed IP and IPSEC VPN solutions give you secure remote access to your digital signage. And thanks to the high-speed M2M connectivity available, you'll be able to update them in real-time.


InfiSIM knows the M2M digital signage and traffic management industries

InfiSIM are experienced in the digital signage and traffic management industries. Our team regularly work with businesses in these sectors and have helped them achieve cost-effective, reliable and secure M2M solutions (and continue to do so). We tailor all of our M2M tariffs to meet your requirements; this way you'll never pay for the features an data you don't need. 

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