Payment devices and applications with wireless M2M connectivity

Wireless payment terminals are now available through Europe and worldwide thanks to M2M connectivity. Equipping payment terminals with M2M SIMs they are able to pick up a wireless connection. This allows for payments to be taken in even the most remote areas.


M2M SIM Card payment services

When it comes to payment terminals and payment processing security is imperative. Our M2M solution provides a not only fully secure, but also reliable connection.

By enabling unique APN creation InfiSIM can ensure that your security needs are met no matter what your device. On top of this there is the option for Fixed IP SIM card data plans; further enhancing your security and giving you remote access to your devices when needed.

Our Multi-network SIMs for tracking devices aren't fixed or even steered towards one particular network; meaning your devices will constantly pick up the best connectivity no matter where in the world they are.


InfiSIM knows the retail and payment processing industry

Having worked with a number of payment processing devices and car park management providers, InfiSIM are vastly experienced in the payments industry.

Choosing an M2M provider that knows the industry means that you'll get the most secure, cost-effective M2M tariffs.

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