3G/4G M2M SIMs for vehicle connectivity on the move

The automotive industry is utilising M2M technology in more ways than ever before. This huge increase in demand for vehicle connectivity follows the increase in popularity of M2M devices. With applications including in-car entertainment, smart navigation and autonomous vehicles being powered by M2M connectivity; the driving experience has advanced a long way.

InfiSIM are able to provide around the clock connectivity in 172 countries worldwide. And if you're worried about losing signal, rest assured your M2M solution will roam the networks for the best possible signal; keeping your vehicles connected at all times. This means that you'll always have a 'smart' driving experience, no matter where you are.

Connected cars and M2M

InfiSIM's multi-network roaming solutions stay true to their name; non-steered roaming functionalities allow our SIMs to find the best available signal from 294 networks across the globe. This is far more effective than the steered SIMs other providers may offer you.

Steered SIMs do roam networks but always default back to the 'parent' network. So even if the signal for one network is stronger, the SIM will be steered to the weaker parent network. InfiSIM's non-steered roaming SIMs are much more effective; as long as there are signals available your vehicle will always be connected.

InfiSIM knows the M2M automotive industry

InfiSIM work within the automotive industry on a day-to-day basis. By tailoring all of our solutions to meet your M2M requirements, InfiSIM are able to provide you with cost-effective, flexible SIMs for any of your automotive M2M applications. With InfiSIM you'll never pay for features (and data) that you don't need.


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