M2M SIMs for healthcare and remote patient monitoring

The healthcare industry is where M2M solutions are having the biggest impact due to the high demand for efficiency and reliability. Every second can count in a medical emergency; by utilising M2M SIMs within important sensors and equipment we can cut response times dramatically. So whether we're providing a solution for connected ambulances or optimising remote patient monitoring (RPM), IoT is helping the healthcare industry save lives.

You can't afford for your ambulances to lose connectivity in remote areas, that's where InfiSIM's multi-network data SIMs come in. By allowing your non-steered M2M SIMs to roam the networks you can rest assured that you'll always be connected to the strongest signal available; no matter what network it is. And because InfiSIM are able to provide flexible connectivity to over 172 countries across 294 networks, there are solutions for ambulance services worldwide.

Thanks to M2M the patient monitoring systems on intensive care units can be replicated allowing patients to be monitored in the comfort of their own home. Data can be gathered by bedside equipment (such as heart rate monitors) and traversed to the hospital for qualified staff to analyse. This allows for medical staff to intervene instantaneously in the instance of a medical emergency, without the need for a 999 call. This not only gives medical staff the upper hand when dealing with remote patients, but sufferers are given a sense of comfort during their treatment.

Fixed IP and IPSEC VPN for remote patient monitoring

InfiSIM's fixed IP and IPSEC VPN solutions give you secure remote access to your patient's data. And thanks to the high-speed M2M connectivity available, you'll be able to respond to them instantaneously if there's a problem.

InfiSIM knows the M2M healthcare industry

InfiSIM understand the importance of high-speed connectivity and efficiency within the healthcare industry. That's why our team work tirelessly to tailor each and every M2M solution to meet your IoT requirements. It doesn't matter if you need multi-network data SIMs for ambulances or fixed IP SIMs for remote patient monitoring, InfiSIM have a solution for you.

Our solutions aren't limited to connected ambulances and remote patient monitoring. If you're looking for M2M SIMs for prescription monitoring, reliable clinical trials or any other application of M2M within the healthcare sector, let us know and we'll help tailor a solution to you.

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