Why do I need a fixed IP SIM Card?

As the name suggests, fixed IP SIM cards are for when an M2M device requires just one unique IP address. This IP address remains the same, regardless of how many times the device connects and disconnects from the network.

Why's is a fixed IP address important for M2M?

A fixed IP address allows for secure and reliable two-way communications. That means that you don't need to wait for your IoT-connected device to send its data, you can remotely access the device and retrieve the information you need. This information can be collected securely, no matter where you are.

Fixed IP SIM cards guarantee you greater visibility and control over your connected devices, with complete end-to-end security and encryption. In contrast, standard mobile SIMs are provisioned by the networks with dynamic IP addresses - these change every time the mobile connects to the network, so you can't rely on being able to access the devices at any time.

This functionality is hugely important for certain applications of M2M, and it's only available when using a SIM with a static or fixed IP address.

Applications of 3G & 4G fixed IP SIMs

Vehicle tracking
Remote vending
Meter readings
Mobile EPOS
Digital signage
Remote CCTV access

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