Multi-network data SIMs - connectivity worldwide

Keeping your devices connected at all times can be critical. For stationary devices a single-network M2M SIMs may be the right solution. For devices on the move in the UK then UK roaming SIMs provide the best possible connection across O2, Vodafone, EE and Three.

If your devices are to be used across multiple countries then Europe-wide M2M SIMs or our truly global multi-network data SIMS can keep you connected at all times. By partnering with networks worldwide InfiISM can provide multi-network SIMs for connectivity across the globe.

Roaming M2M SIM Cards

When you're trying to connect devices, you want them to be connected everywhere. In business you need solutions that suit your needs; and this is what we do. With InfiSIM you can guarantee a 100% tailored solution that will give you the M2M connectivity that your business needs.

InfiSIM's multi-network, global roaming SIM Cards are designed specifically to give your business M2M connectivity. They're perfectly suited for GPS trackers, remote sensors, security cameras, control systems and a whole host of other applications. 

Global Roaming M2M SIM Cards

InfiSIM's connectivity covers the vast majority of the world. Being able to connect to 293 networks across over 170 countries worldwide our M2M solutions have you covered no matter where you are.

UK Roaming M2M SIM Cards

In the UK our SIMS connect to the networks that allow them to give you (our customers) the best coverage. These networks are O2 (UK), Vodafone, T-Mobile UK, Orange and  the lesser known Hutchison 3G.

EU Roaming M2M SIM Cards

Businesses that operate all across Europe no doubt need connectivity that does the same. With the capability to connect to hundreds of networks across the whole of Europe you'll always be able to get the job done with InfiSIM.


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